A New Start

It’s the dawn of a new year and looking back it is sobering how fast time seems to have moved. Browsing through select photos from last year it was surprising even in just the span of a single year how much our kids have grown.

It is an old cliche that kids grow fast and the span of time from toddler to teenager feels like a fleeting mist, but these are the realities of life for sure. One day you’re changing diapers and inspiring┬ábasic language skills and the next you’re gathered around a circuit board trying to create something new and explaining the basics of micro-electronics. When did my toddler start to care about electronics?

It’s a new year and with that Erica has decided to launch a new blog. While her previous blog was focused almost entirely on the work of home schooling this new endeavor will span more of our general family life and may include infrequent posts by me, as well.

Life comes at you fast, but hopefully we can drop some great memories in here for future reference.