Twelve Weeks

We just completed our 12th week of the school year. We’ve made necessary adjustments and have gotten into a great groove. We’re looking forward to a much needed fall break in about a week!


This is Caroline’s preferred position for reading.


The kids have been learning the language of their choosing using an program called Duolingo. Elliot recently completed the “flirting” section and can now say phrases such as, “The coffee’s on me.” in German.  That’ll be useful. 🙄


They have also been doing a cooking class with their cousins, taught by their wonderful Aunt Annie. They’ve been learning all sorts of great skills so they can be helping me more in the kitchen!


Bring Your Bible to School (homeschool enrichment classes) Day


Ruby never misses a day of school with us. She’s either providing support for a student…


or helping me navigate the day’s lessons in the teacher’s manual. We love our schoolroom kitty!





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