The Sims- An Honest Review


Caroline was frustrated that The Sims game on the iPad is basically a pay-to-play game-mechanics rip off, and I won’t let her spend real money to advance in the game. So, I told her she should write a review of the game and I would post it for her to the App Store. This was what she wrote.


“Great But Some Problems: I love this game ? but there is some problems. 1 – is the prices of things. I need to buy the Children’s Store to get kids. I got so mad ? when I saw the prices. I mean, 15,000 dollars would have been better but 20,000 dollars, really I could not believe it. I am still saving my money and now I have someone who is almost ready to get married.  I am in a pickle ?. 2 – is some of the prices I know you won’t change but I wish the game would have loans.”


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