Recipe of the Week

Seriously, this popcorn is the best and it always turns out perfect. We haven’t done microwave popcorn in at least four years because this is just so much better (and better for you). It’s also really fun to make. The kids get a kick out of it.

Perfect Popcorn. Every Time.

1/2 cup popcorn kernels
3 T coconut oil
1/2 tsp sea salt
melted butter (optional)

You’ll also need large metal mixing bowl, some foil, and a couple of oven mitts (unless you have one of those fancy stovetop popcorn poppers like the Whirley Pop).

Place kernels into your bowl. Pour oil over kernels (melt if it’s still solid at room temp). Sprinkle salt over top. Cover top of bowl with foil and poke with a fork a couple times to create a vent for the steam. Place on stove burner and turn heat to medium-high. Get your oven mitts ready. Every few seconds give the bowl a gentle shake while keeping it as close to the burner as possible. Keep it shaking consistently as you hear the kernels start to pop (may take longer on an electric range). Keep shaking until you heard the kernels slow down to almost no popping, but don’t want until you hear none at all or else you may burn it. Turn off the heat and, with the oven mitt still on, remove foil. Voila! Perfect popcorn. At this point you can either eat it as it is, which is really quite good or you can drizzle a little melted butter (Kerrygold rocks) and possibly a tad bit more salt if it needs more.





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