Science for Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel (sort of)

I had a great science lesson all planned out for yesterday and I have to say, it completely BOMBED. It was really the first time that has happened to me yet, so I guess after eight months of doing this, it’s not really too bad, but I was still disappointed. We were going to use steam from a teapot to try to get our pinwheel moving so that we could see how steam power works. I got Elliot all psyched up for how awesome it would be and he couldn’t wait. Then we tried it…….and nothing happened. I don’t think my teapot makes a good steady flow of steam, or something of that nature, because we couldn’t get it to effect the pinwheel in any way. I still tried to explain what was supposed to happen and at least he got to see what steam is, so maybe we got a tiny little tidbit of something out of it. Oh well, this kind of thing happens!

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