Summer Learning

We’ve been enjoying our more relaxed method of learning for the summer. Elliot and I have acquired lots of books from the library on a variety of subjects he’s interested in. My goal is to always be learning about something in the area of science and history. I’ve got a long list of things he’s mentioned in the past that interest him, so we should be covered for the summer. He’s been very interested in volcanoes since we learned about Mount Vesuvius so we’ve gotten several books on those. He still has an interest in learning more about specific volanoes around the world, so we’re going to keep getting books on the subject. Next up on our list is outer space and Sam Houston.

He discovered that he loves making drawings and then labeling them. He’s been asking me for more ideas on things he could label.

He’s also recently become interested in the story of Rosa Parks, so we’ve been reading books about her too.

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