Summer Reading

My goal for summer is to keep Elliot improving on his reading skills, while still making it seem fun and different than how we typically do things during our school year. He’s really getting into “I Can Read Books”. He is reading through them so fast so I have to stay on top of keeping him supplied with them. I’ve recently noticed a big change in his excitement for reading. While he has always enjoyed it, he used to be happy to be done with his chapter and he would mention something about his brain being tired. Since beginning our summer reading, he often asks to keep reading more than I require of him. He really surprised me the other day when he wanted to keep going and going and he read for about thirty-five minutes straight! I’m so proud of him and I want him to be proud of his accomplishment, so we decided to make him a card where we can keep track of all the books he reads this summer. We’re hoping to be able to fill it up!

He’s currently reading level 2 books, but I think we will be able to move up to level 3 in the next few weeks.

We were recently able to add a lot more to our collection when Half Price Books had their 20% off sale. Once Elliot has read a book with me, he often enjoys reading it by himself again and again during quiet time, so we like having plenty that we own.

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