Almost Done

I certainly haven’t been updating the blog frequently and it’s been nice to let myself off the hook when it comes to blogging, but I thought I’d post a small update on where we are in our year. We recently made it to the end of Caroline’s Letter of the Week reading plan. She knew all the letters and sounds long before we made it to ‘Z’, but she enjoyed her special book, learning poems, sign language and doing fun activities each week that went along with her letter. She would proudly tell friends and family what letter we were on after they had asked Elliot what Five in a Row book he was reading and what he was studying. It was really great to be able to give her something special of her own and make homeschooling real for her after she had witnessed all that Elliot got to do the previous year. The timing of our arrival at ‘Z’ worked out perfectly, as we ended up going to the Dallas Zoo for Homeschool Day last week. We enjoyed beautiful weather and had a perfect day!





My little map-lover led the way the entire time. I was thankful for his help!


We got tickets to ride the monorail.


For the last five weeks of school, Caroline and I will be reading all her favorite books and she’ll be continuing to work on her writing (She can write her name, her brother’s name, and several of her sight words.) and her reading (She’s doing great in this area also and is able to read almost any three letter word!) while also reviewing numbers up to 30 and skip counting.

Elliot and I have enjoyed the all the Five in a Row books we’ve completed thus far and have had a great time with some of the topics we’ve studied. He was particularly interested in World War II, which we studied for an entire month while reading All Those Secrets of the World and A New Coat for Anna. We also studied the Appalachian Mountains again when we read When I was Young in the Mountains and Down, Down the Mountain. Today we started our second to last book of the year, Follow the Drinking Gourd. We’ll be studying the underground railroad and constellations. We’re going camping next weekend and are looking forward to doing some star gazing if the conditions are right for it.

We’ll be wrapping up all our other curriculum in the next 3-4 weeks and thus wrapping up first grade! Elliot has amazed me this year with his progress in reading. He’s reading at close to a fifth grade level and devouring 3-4 books each week. Our trips to the library now include me counting and making sure we’ve got enough books to satisfy him for a week before we leave. I never expected this to be happening in the first grade. Elliot is also turning into a great speller (probably due to the number of words he is coming across as he reads all these books) which has really impressed me. He loves copying pages from his favorite books and spends much of his free time doing this. Pushing him to practice reading and writing is not something I’ve ever had to do because he enjoys doing it so much completely on his own. He’s a great student and he’s excited to be a second grader soon!

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