Elliot’s First “Report”

A little over a week ago Elliot and I found ourselves on the topic of researching and writing reports and how he’ll do those things when he’s older and he insisted he wanted to give it a try now. We decided he would “research” the differences between homeschool and public school and that since each of his parents have experience with one of those, he could interview us to get his information. He recorded each of our interviews on camera so he could play it back when he was putting together his report. At the end of last week, he wrote a rough draft of his report. I will say, this was not as easy of a task as he thought it would be. He had some trouble getting started and knowing what to say. He developed some attitude issues and I struggled with some frustration over that. I discovered he is extremely self conscious and sensitive to criticism which was contributing to his reluctance to just write what came to mind. It was a learning experience for both of us. In the end, we pushed through together, made revisions, and today he completed his final copy, which he is extremely proud of! All the hard work, frustration, and misunderstanding was worth it for the confidence he gained!

He planned ahead by writing down the questions he would ask in his interviews.


Here he is interviewing Daddy.


Rough Draft


Final Copy!

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