Language Arts for Owl Moon

Today we learned that a hyperbole is a statement of exaggeration to convey a point. In our book, the author talks about staring at the owl for “one minute….three minutes…maybe even a hundred minutes.” Though we know that it definitely wasn’t that long, we understand that the staring went on for what seemed like a very long time. We were actually able to think back to a few examples of hyperbole from Three Names as well.

We came up with a few of our own examples of hyperbole.

We also added “hyperbole” to our Choices a Writer can Make to Add Interest page.


2 Responses to Language Arts for Owl Moon

  1. Erin Lehman says...

    Just have to tell you…my husband asked me what a hyperbole was, and I said “Not sure…but I know just where to look!” :)

  2. Erin Lehman says...

    …your blog…of course… :)