More on Behavior Management, Chores, and Allowance

I’m constantly tweaking our various systems. Sometimes I worry that I change things too much, but if it isn’t working to give you your desired results, it needs to be adjusted, right? So, after being frustrated about dealing with things like laziness, bad attitudes and lack of self-control, I decided it was time again for yet another change. Just taking a dollar away from Elliot’s allowance for these types of offenses wasn’t working well, and I felt like we were just constantly punishing the bad behavior and not focusing on getting positive behavior we want to see. I wanted to have a checklist of expectations that each of the kids and I could go through at the end of the day to assess how they did so we can really talk about the areas they need to work on. When they do a good job of meeting the expectations that day, they’lI get a star. I explained to them that I don’t expect perfection, because we all have bad days, but the goal is going to be that we have more good days than bad (of the weekdays), so if they have received three stars or more that week, they will receive their allowance, which is a set amount for each of them. They either get it or they don’t. Caroline is extremely excited about the possibility of finally earning allowance since she hasn’t until now. She has already been jumping at the chance to be a helper to me. I’ve also already seen Elliot trying harder to keep the peace and have self-control (which are things he struggles with). I hope I continue to see improvement! We’ll see!



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