Language Arts and Art for Miss Rumphius

I’m a bit behind on updating this week, so I’ll just combine two lessons in one entry. For language arts we learned about libraries and the process that a writer goes through to write and publish a book (Miss Rumphius was a librarian). Elliot immediately said, “This makes me want to write my own book!” (I can’t even count how many times Elliot has gotten an idea for an assignment before I’ve even had the chance to propose the idea. It happens all the time! Five in a Row inspires creativity without having to force it on them!) He set right to work writing and illustrating his book. He told me he’d love to send it to a publisher when he’s done. I tried to let him down easy that it may take quite a bit more experience before we’re ready to get published.
On our art day we discussed evidence of motion, due to things such as wind, in artwork. There are many illustrations in the book where we see things like grass swaying in the wind, flags flapping, wind-blown hair, and things like that. Elliot’s book was still a work in progress, so I challenged him to include some evidence of motion in at least one of his illustrations.


Here are the first two completed pages of his book about seasons.

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