Homeschool Mondays

I love Mondays! Most people dread them, but around here they always seem to be my most successful day. We tend to have nothing planned on Monday besides getting school stuff done (and sometimes the library in the afternoon to gather up books we’ll need for the week) and it just always seems to have a nice relaxed feel to it. I am also usually pretty happy to get back into our routine after the weekend and to start a fresh week! As each week begins, I get really excited about how much we’re going to accomplish in the days ahead. Today was no exception….it was a great day! Elliot breezed through his handwriting and math work. Then we got out our letter tiles we haven’t used in a while and practiced sight words and then made up some sentences. After that the kids played the game Colorama together, since Caroline is working on her shapes and colors. Then after lunch we did some reading about the Pacific Ocean (where Grandfather, from our book, journeys across to get to America) and he did a project to add to our notebook.

Caroline is a pro at letters now. She can tell me the name, the sound they say, and a word that starts with it for almost every single letter.

They completed the task together!

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