Cursive Already?

A few weeks ago Elliot noticed some cursive writing on an advertisement and he instantly decided he wanted to learn how to write in cursive. It definitely wasn’t something I anticipated even beginning to think about at this point. Actually, I have often worried about how when the time comes for that in a few years, it will probably be confusing to him when I explain that there’s another way to write the same letters he’s already learned. Instead of being confused, Elliot had no problem with the idea and it seemed to make perfect sense to him. That’s the way it always seems to go…..I anticipate something being a huge confusing ordeal to explain, and then it turns out that a simple explanation is more than adequate. I still don’t plan on teaching him a whole lot of cursive for a while, but he has mastered his name and we may try a few other simple words and family member’s names, just to satisfy his curiosity.

He decided he would write his name in cursive on all his work, like he did on his practice sentences he wrote (he’s totally mastered words with long vowels and can figure out the spelling all on his own!) this morning. Not bad for a kindergartener, huh?

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