Another Fun Friday

Fridays are our atypical days. They tend to be a little different each week. We do very little structured curriculum and more creative type of stuff, including projects or experiments we’ve wanted to do but haven’t had time for. We also catch up on reading about things we want to learn more about. Since Elliot was gone on his trip into the beginning of the week, we were a bit delayed beginning The Story of Ferdinand and we had a lot of science topics to cover before I could feel like we were back on track. Today we learned about Cork Oak trees and how they typically grow along the coast of countries on the Mediterranean Sea, such as Spain, Portugal, and counties in northwest Africa. We learned a lot of interesting facts on Wikipedia, like that the Cork Oak tree must be twenty-five years old before the cork can be harvested for the first time. We also read about flowers (Ferdinand’s favorite pastime is sitting under the cork trees and smelling the flowers). We also took the opportunity to learn about vultures. Though they arent mentioned in the book, there is an illustration where a vulture is sitting above Ferdinand and just watching him. Elliot was curious why the author didn’t tell us what he was doing there. I explained that the author is letting us make our own guess about it. Together we concluded that maybe since Ferdinand is so still and not running around like the other bulls, the vulture might have wondered if Ferdinand was dead and was looking for a good meal.

Caroline looks forward to Fridays because she gets to proudly recite her poem of the week. (She’s signing “friend” while reciting this poem.)

Elliot enjoys the freedom of expression with creative writing on Fridays.


I bought some corks at the craft store so they could see what it feels like.

We made boats with our corks, toothpicks, and paper and guessed if they would float or not.


Yep, cork definitely floats.


I got this book at the library and Elliot has been using it all week in his spare time. He has really discovered a love for drawing!

He did a few more drawings after we read about flowers.



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