Finishing Up a Great Week

We’ve had such a fantastic second week of school. Things are going so much better than I even expected. I’m feeling so optimistic about things and I’m so excited for what the rest of the year holds.
Today we wrapped up Mirette on the High Wire. We found a book at the Library that is the perfect transition from this book to our next book, called Mirette and Bellini Cross Niagara Falls, written by the same author. We really enjoyed reading that today. (Our next book is The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge, which takes place in New York.) Elliot and I also just happen to be reading about the World Trade Center towers right now. After reading The Man Who Walked Between the Towers (such a great book!), Elliot insisted on knowing everything about about them and the tragic attacks on 9/11. (Rabbit trails are inevitable with FIAR. We fully embrace wherever a book may take us.) He’ll be taking an east coast trip with Josh next month to Boston and then to New York, and he is now really looking forward to seeing ground zero.

We went over to Williams-Sonoma this afternoon and got to take a look at some copper cookware. A saleslady even came over and explained to us why copper is such a great metal to use for cooking because it conducts heat so well. Elliot told her he knew that and she was very impressed.


Caroline completed her Letter ‘A’ week and is excitedly anticipating what book I have for her next week for letter ‘B’ and what sort of activities and crafts we’ll do. She has already completely caught onto how it works and loves her homeschool preschool “work”.

We’ve been practicing our little poem for the letter ‘A’ all week and Caroline was able to recite it on her own today.

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  1. Erin Lehman says...

    Sooooo cute! I absolutely love how FIAR seems to work. My kiddos are so tiny, yet I’m already so excited about the possibilities! Thank you for sharing!