The Verdict on Homeschooling…After Six Months!

Today marks six months since we began our homeschooling adventure. I am just amazed that it has gone by so quickly and that we have just eleven weeks left of this year (though we’ll still be doing a lot over the summer, just not FIAR). It seems like just yesterday we were beginning and I was asking myself if I would be able to make it through the entire year. Those first few weeks were definitely the hardest and the most filled with doubt, but it didn’t take long before we all got the hang of it and now I feel more excited and confident about homeschooling than ever.

Elliot loves homeschooling more than I could have ever hoped for. He has never once complained about doing school work and he’s always delighted to do whatever I have planned for him. He will often just randomly say, “I love that I get to stay home and do school with my Mama!” Those moments are extremely rewarding. Caroline has learned to enjoy her days at Mother’s Day out, but she has asked to stay home and be homeschooled next year too, which I am certainly not going to argue with. It’s been good to know that she can handle being in a school environment, but I know her heart is set on being right here where her brother is, EVERY day. I’m really excited about what I have planned for her next year. She is absolutely just a bright as Elliot and I know she’ll do great.

Over these last six months, I’ve gotten a lot of interesting reactions when I tell people we homeschool. Most people ask, “Just for the Kindergarten year, right?” I’m not sure why they just assume that I’d only want to do this in Kindergarten. Some people simply ask, “So, when do you plan on putting him in school?” or “Are you really going to be able to do that all the way through high school?” The answer to that is still “I’m not sure. We love homeschooling, but we’re taking it one year at a time.” Honestly, as much as I adore homeschooling, I’ve had my days where I’m a little bit overwhelmed by the idea of doing it all the way through high school. That’s A LOT of pressure to put on myself. In those moments, I tell myself, “It’s ok….maybe someday we will decide to put them in school and I won’t have to do it all by myself.” But those moments are usually gone pretty fast and before I know it, I’m back on what I like to call a “homeschooling high” and I can’t imagine ever giving the job of training up and educating my children to someone else. I can pretty confidently say that we’re extremely invested in this and committed to doing it for several more years. I can’t say that we’ll never put our kids in school, but I do know that I believe these early years are extremely important and that I desire to build the strongest possible foundation for my kids before I send them out into the world. I can’t see doing that before I know they are able to view the world through the lens of scripture and that they can stand firmly in the truth when everything around them challenges what they believe. I need these precious years to reach their hearts!

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