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Hymn Study

Another thing I’m excited to add to this coming school year is a hymn study. I came across this idea online a few months ago and I knew instantly it was something I wanted to do. There is a richness and beauty in the older hymns that just isn’t there in modern worship songs and I really want my kids to know many of these hymns by heart and to understand their deep meaning. I plan to study eight each year (including a Christmas Carol for that time of year), spending about four weeks on each one, learning the history, all the words and their meaning (which I may have to consult my husband, who grew up on these hymns, about because there’s a lot of wording even I don’t quite understand). Between YouTube and Rdio, a music service we use, I have found several different versions of each hymn for us to listen to and sing along with as we learn them. I’ve got forty hymns I plan to cover over the next five years. There are SO many more that we would cover, but I chose the ones that I love most and have meant the most to me. I was surprised by just how many I knew, considering I was only vaguely familiar with maybe a few of them before about eleven years ago when I became a believer.

The ones I’ve chosen for this year are:

Great is Thy Faithfulness
The Solid Rock
Be Thou My Vision
O Holy Night
Jesus Paid it All
Nothing but the Blood
How Great Thou Art
Joyful Joyful

I took a gamble and ordered the first book of this series even though I wasn’t sure it was what I was looking for. It’s exactly what I wanted, so much so that I ordered number two as well for the last few hymns on my list that I really want to eventually study but were not in the first book.

They contain nice, concise histories of each hymn along with the lyrics of each.

I also made a little “hymnal” for us with just the songs that we’ll learn this year, with the words printed a little larger so we can all read along together.


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