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Concluding our Evaporation Experiment

It’s been pretty cloudy lately (but luckily, very warm) so it’s taken a few days, but our water finally evaporated and all we were left with was the salt! Now Elliot understands what they were talking about in our book when they mentioned evaporating the sea water to get the salt. We also thought it was very interesting how our table salt turned into big salt crystals.

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Apple Time!

We’re loving our apple theme! Today we went to the market and collected up a bunch of different kinds of apples to try and to use for a variety things we’re going to make with them (including pie!). Elliot enjoyed the fact that he recognized so many different types of apples we read about in our library books.

We also took a break for a snack….apple chips! Yum!

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Science for How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

We had a great science day today. We’re in the middle of an experiment on evaporation and hopefully we will see the results sometime soon. In our book, they talk about taking salt water from the sea and letting it evaporate so that you’re left with only salt. We wanted to see if we could also do that.

In addition to that, we learned all about apples and apple trees. Elliot and I were both surprised by how complex the process of pollination is in order for apples to be produced on the tree. God’s creation sure is fascinating!

Elliot made some salt water for our experiment.

Unfortunately it’s not a very sunny day today. We’ll be keeping an eye on our pan of salt water and hopefully we’ll see some results soon.

He wrote some things he learned about apples.

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Graduating to Explode the Code Book 4!

Elliot finished another Explode the Code book today, which means that next week we’ll be moving on to Explode the Code Book 4, which we will complete over the next 12 weeks as our last one for Kindergarten year!

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Here’s Elliot completing his last lesson in Book 4 of Explode the Code.

Here’s Elliot completing his last lesson in Book 4 of Explode the Code.

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Graphing Extravaganza

The love of graphing continues to grow around here. Last night as I was looking at my electric bill, Elliot noticed the bar graph on the back with our estimated electricity use over the past year and he went nuts about it and wanted to take a look at it with me.

Caroline has also caught the graphing bug and she’s been asking me to make her graphs. Because she hangs around us some much, there’s no doubt that this girl is going to be interested in some things that not many other two-year olds enjoy!

We’re getting close to finishing up with graphs for a while, but before we did, I wanted to briefly introduce Elliot to line graphs too. He enjoyed it as well and did great, but was anxious to return to his beloved bar graphs.

I made a graph with some [made-up] info about about days of snow over the last 10 years and he was able to answer some questions about the info on the graph.

Then I gave him some [real!] information about average high temperatures in Texas throughout the year and he graphed it.

Then, of course, Elliot wanted to do some more bar graphs and then all by himsef he came up with the idea of graphing the colors of his cars.

Of course, all this graphing got Caroline thinking she’d like to also join in on the fun. She specifically requested to graph the different shades of green, yellow, and pink crayons in her box.

Then she also wanted to to graph some cars like her brother. We spent well over an hour on graphs for fun today.

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Social Studies for How to Make an Apple Pie and See The World

Today was really great. We read How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World and found all the different places mentioned on Elliot’s big map. We also had a really great discussion about the Equator, Prime Meridian, and lines of latitude and longitude. (This was not planned. Elliot just happened to ask me about them.) Elliot enjoyed giving me random degrees of N/S and E/W and we’d see where on the map we’d end up.

We read about Jamaica and learned a lot. While we colored the maps for all the countries in our book, we enjoyed listening to some jamaican reggae music! Elliot loved it!

We put the flags in the order of which they are traveled to in our book, and also wrote the ingredients that were found there.

We also added our two new flags to our collection hanging in Elliot’s room.

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Expanding the Scope of Our Homeschool

Since we started home-schooling, I admit to slacking a bit on the other things that were previously very important to me but now that we’ve been doing this a while, I’m eager to try to find a balance where all of my interests and passions can exist together and even compliment each other nicely. One of these interests I previously spent a lot of time on was natural healthy living, nutrition and finding new ways to incorporate health-promoting whole foods in my family’s diet. I wouldn’t say I was an expert by any means, but I was definitely learning a lot of wonderful new things that I know have contributed to our health and I was really excited about the journey we were on. Then homeschooling happened! It’s not that I completely gave up. Overall we still eat very healthy, our diet includes a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables (organic and/or locally grown whenever possible) and very little sugar, and we still adore our little local farm where can get some really great things such as the goats milk the kids drink, but we’ve definitely taken a few steps backwards because I’ve been putting all my energy into homeschooling and I’ve used that as an excuse for giving in to some conveniences for far too long. Yesterday, after watching Food Matters, I was inspired to find my way back to where we were before I became so wrapped up in my new job as a homeschool mom. I was also reminded of what I believe to be fundamentally true about health: Medical doctors are trained in pharmaceuticals not nutrition and health, (Our kids no longer see medical doctors unless it were to become absolutely necessary, and we’ve been blessed that it hasn’t been for for several years now), and they have very little to offer in terms of prevention (and I’m not talking about prevention through pharmaceuticals like vaccines, I’m talking about recommending the right kind of nutritious foods to prevent the body from becoming sick in the first place). I also don’t buy into the idea that it’s just normal to be sick and in and out of the doctor all throughout the year. The idea that if a body is properly nourished, it will be able to heal itself the majority of the time makes sense to me and I believe it wholeheartedly. So what’s this all got to do with homeschooling and why am I putting it on my blog? Simply because it’s part of our life and though it got put on the back-burner for a while, it’s still very important to us. What I LOVE about homeschooling is that, just like with things such as character building and life skills, the blessing of extra time with our kids can be used to teach them so much more than just academics. I’m really excited about incorporating this into our schooling and that I’ll have the opportunity to impart the things that I learn about health to our kids and hopefully it will make a lifelong impression on them. It’s so important to me that our kids learn how to properly take care of the bodies God gave them and there is no better time than now to begin teaching them!

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How to Make an Apple Pie and See The World

This week we’re beginning How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World by Marjorie Priceman. We’ve got so much to cover over the next two weeks, but we can hardly wait! We’ll be learning about the continents, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, apples/ apple farming (I’m kicking myself for not doing this book while it was apple picking season), and Johnny Appleseed.

Elliot decided he’d like to place our story disk on Jamaica, since it’s just one of the many places talked about in our book.

I thought this book deserved some special attention. I read great things about it, and while it’s not actually about any of the topics we’re focusing on, it illustrates the trinity using an apple, so I thought this would be the perfect time to check it out. We may have to add this one to our own collection.

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Just Another Monday

In addition to our usual handwriting and math curriculum, doing our daily reading in our Pathway reader and reviewing our [long] list of sight words, we did a lot of other fun stuff today too.

One of Elliot’s sight words this week is “an”, so he has learned when you to use it and when to use “a”.

Caroline kept herself busy for a while with some beading.

Elliot did some review on odd and even.

Of course, we had to graph some Valentine candy hearts….how could we not do that on Valentine’s Day? (Just for the record, we did NOT eat all those candies. With all this graphing, I know it appears that we’re candy eaters but we’re really not!)

Elliot is doing a great job learning how to spell the days of the week from all the practice he gets from filling out our daily weather chart. We were especially happy today to record that it was going to be 70 DEGREES today!!!

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