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Art for The Story About Ping

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Language Arts for The Story About Ping

Elliot successfully put the story events and pictures in the right order.

We had another discussion about the setting and characters of our story, and I had Elliot dictate everything he remembered about the plot of the story. I noticed this time he was able to remember everything even more accurately and in more detail than when we did this for our last story.

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What I’ve learned after one month…

Today marks one month since we began home-schooling! I’ve learned so much already and am growing in confidence. I can’t wait to see where we are at the one year mark. One thing that has been a bit surprising to me is how much I enjoy this! I really am having so much fun with it. I am getting getting to exercise my creative side, which I never really knew was there. It makes me wonder how I would have done if I’d ever have become a teacher.

God is also definitely teaching me patience. It takes SO much patience to do this job and I know that it’s not one of my strengths, but I know if I allow myself to get irritated with the kids, I will ruin this experience for everybody. I truly want this to be a good experience for us all that creates lots of special memories.

Last but not least, I’m learning how to deal with my biggest challenge….my two year-old! I’ve realized she doesn’t want me to provide her with a bunch of toys and leave her to play on her own. She wants to be doing what her big brother is doing! I got her a journal of her own that she draws in while Elliot does his. If he’s spelling out his sight words with letter tiles, I give her a handful and she and I review the letters. If he is doing math with manipulatives, I give her a handful to count. If he’s practicing handwriting, I give her a letter coloring page to practice “writing” too. There are still a few things that she really can’t do, but I’m trying to find things that adequately resemble them. I didn’t really expect to be teaching her much this year, but it occurred to me the other day that she is learning just as much as Elliot is from our days doing “school” together.

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Friday Fun Day!

As I mentioned previously, Fridays are pretty relaxed around here. I’m trying to make it our “fun project” day as well as our “reading for fun” day. Today we made home-made playdough. I found a recipe that uses Kool-Aid as the coloring, so as an added bonus, the playdough smells great too! We made three different colors today, but I had so much fun, I was tempted to go out and buy more Kool-Aid to make even more colors. Maybe another day! After we cleaned up our playdough, we went and snuggled up on the bed with a pile of books. I love Fridays!

Had to work in our duck theme….

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Will it Float or Sink?

Our first Five in a Row science experiment. Elliot enjoyed it so much!

When we were all done, he told me, “Mom, how about you get all the things out that sank. I’ll get the things that floated!” In other words “Mom, why don’t you reach in there and get all wet because I’d rather not!”

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A Fun New Find

I recently just discovered “Hot Dots”. They are really neat flashcards that you use with a special pen that lights up and talks to you, telling you whether you got the answer right or wrong. There is a variety of different cards you can buy for math and reading concepts. We started with Telling Time since that’s something Elliot has been working on for a while and knows well. I thought starting with something where he’d get a lot of answers right would be most encouraging. He loves it! I’ll totally be buying more of them!

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September 23

A completed Five in a Row project on ducks

A completed Five in a Row project on China

Today I introduced Elliot to tangram puzzles and he loved them. I figured now was the perfect time since they were originally invented in China!

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Another Field Trip!

Today we went to the park to feed the ducks as a part of our “Ping” study. We’ve got a couple books from the library about ducks that we’ve been reading and the kids really enjoying seeing them in action.

Elliot told me, “Look, Mom! The ones with green heads are boys and the brown ones are girls!” We just recently learned this from one of our books.

So many Mallard ducks came to see us when they realized we had food!

Caroline decided she enjoyed feeding herself more than she enjoyed feeding the ducks.

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The Story About Ping

Last week we completed our first Five in a Row book, Night of the Moonjellies, and this week we’re beginning The Story about Ping by Marjorie Flack. We’re really excited about all the new things we’re going to be learning about!

We placed our Ping story disk right on the Yangtze river in China.

We also found China on our globe.

These are some of the books we’ll be reading that go along with what we’re learning while reading “The Story About Ping”.

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One-Room School House

That’s basically what we’ve got going on over here. I’ve discovered the best way to keep Caroline content while we do school is to put her to work too! Instead of just providing her with toys or paper to color on, I’ve set out some educational goals for her as well. Our day is a mix of stuff for him and her and everyone participates in most of the activities in some way. Elliot enjoys helping her learn the things that he confidently knows already. I think she feels like she is a part of our “class” now and she really is learning so much! She can recognize most letters now and for many of them can tell me an example of a word that starts with that letter. She is also a counting whiz. We’re also working on colors but that is probably the one concept that is the most difficult for her still. (I find that odd since it seems like it would be so much easier than letters and numbers, but strangely enough both of my kids have comprehended letters and numbers before colors.) I’m really looking forward to next year when I’m going to officially start doing “preschool” with curriculum for her. After seeing Elliot do his work all year long, I think she’ll absolutely go nuts over it.

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