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Closing the Book on Three Names

We did our final reading of Three Names today. We’ve enjoyed our study of the prairie, and we’ll continue enjoying our read-aloud, Little House on the Prairie until we break for Christmas. For our final activity, I gave Elliot a marble set and taught the kids how to play. (The school children in Three Names play marbles outdoors during their lunch.) Elliot loved it and I have a feeling I will now be tripping over marbles for a long time.




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Language Arts for Three Names

Today for language arts we reviewed what a simile is and took note of the many examples in the book. We discussed how it helps the reader come up with a vivid mental image when the writer uses a simile to describe something.

Here are some examples we found in the book.

Elliot came up with several of his own examples of similes.


We added “simile” to our Choices Writers Can Make to Add Interest notebook page.


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Science for Three Names

For science we’ve been learning about animals on the prairie, dogs, and weather that is common in the prairies, specifically wind and tornados. Elliot and I found a book at the library about tornados that he can read on his own over the next week or so. Each afternoon when he has his quiet room time, he starts out by doing his “homework” in is room which is usually reading of some sort. He loves that he can read independently and then he comes and tells me what happened in his book.

We discussed all sorts of “windy weather words” and he did a word find.



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Social Studies for Three Names

We had a very simple social studies lesson for this book (which is nice for the last few weeks before Thanksgiving break…we’re all getting anxious to relax a bit). We learned that the prairie stretches all the way from parts of Texas through Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, and in parts of Minnesota and Montana. We talked a bit about life on the prairie back when this story takes place and things that were common such as the one-room schoolhouse, horse drawn wagons, and outhouses. We started reading Little House on the Prairie during our read aloud time, which both of the kids have been really excited about since we finished Little House in the Big Woods last Wednesday. We were able to contrast the difference between the Woods of Wisconsin where they first lived to the prairie of Kansas where they were moving to.

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Three Names

This week we’re starting Three Names by Patricia Maclachlan. We’ll be focusing on prairie life, animals in the prairie, dogs, and tornados.



Our read-aloud for the next few weeks coincides with Three Names. We just finished Little House in the Big Woods last week, which the kids loved, so this week we’re starting Little House on the Prairie.

It doesn’t say exactly where the story takes place, other than the prairie. We talked about which states are a part of the prairie and Elliot chose Nebraska for our story disk placement.

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