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Art for Night of the Moonjellies

Today we completed our art project for Night of the Moonjellies. The illustrations in the book are done with oil pastels, so I purchased some and today we used them for the first time. We tried to re-create the ocean scene on the cover of the book, using the technique of short strokes like the illustrator did. Elliot and I both really enjoyed it.

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September 15

Here’s a little of what we’ve been working on today…

Elliot’s current memory verse

Handwriting practice- ocean words

Explode the Code

I’ve really enjoyed finding little surprises for Elliot that go along with our current theme!

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Language Arts for Night of the Moonjellies

Yesterday we completed our language arts lessons for our book, Night of the Moonjellies. The manual gives lots of great ideas for lessons and activities you can do to go along with this book, suggestions for new vocabulary words, comparing and contrasting the mood in different scenes of the stories, and discussing the point of view (This book is written in first person, with the author telling a story from his childhood). For this particular book, the manual didn’t suggest discussing some of the other elements of a story, such as setting, characters, and plot, although I’ve noticed it does suggest that for several of the others. I’ve decided it might be a good habit to get into to discuss these things right from the beginning and do it for each story we read. Also, in “A Charlotte Mason Education”, it talks about the practice of narration and dictation, and so I got the idea to incorporate that into our language arts days. Elliot narrated (in incredible detail, I might add) the entire plot of the story in his own words and I dictated it. We’re quickly filling our notebook with all sorts of projects! I love that we’ll be able to look back on everything we did for each of these treasured books!


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Our First Field Trip

Since we are studying the ocean right now while we read Night of the Moonjellies, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take the kids on their first trip to the beach! We had a great time together and I think there is a lot about the ocean that makes lot more sense to Elliot after he has finally seen it for himself in person.

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Our Five in a Row Voyage Begins

We’re kicking off our Five in a Row voyage with Night of the Moonjellies. This book has amazing illustrations and it’s a really fun story (I previewed the book on my own). I’m really excited to share this book with Elliot because I think he will love it! The story takes place in the United States, more specifically the New England area, so we’ll be studying that along with oceans. I’ve set the stage for the book by talking a little bit about that with Elliot and we’ve placed our story disks on his big map. We’re ready to “row”!

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