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Last Few Projects from A Pair of Red Clogs

We have loved reading this book and everything that we’ve learned that goes along with it! We could totally spend several more weeks going more in depth in our studies, but we’ve got so much to cover this year that we’ll be moving on next week. It’s hard for me to believe some people cover each book in just one week instead of two!

Labeling the colors of the rainbow on the painting he did last night

Learning the definition of honesty

We read through the Bible verses that have to do with honesty and he determined which ones matched where it is found in the Bible.

A job well-done

For art we used colored pencils, like the artist in the book and tried to imitate the technique of long, soft strokes and a blending of many different colors. We also experimented with some other things, such adding the girl’s shadow.

He spent a LONG time perfecting his picture. I severely miscalculated how long it would take to complete this project, but one of the perks of homeschooling is that we can take all the time we need to finish a project and we don’t have to rush off to do another subject when the bell chimes.

The finished masterpiece

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Art Night With Daddy

I’m am very blessed to have a husband who is an artist because I am SO not artistic and I know nothing about creating art work! He will definitely be the one to pass on the love of art to our kids. Tonight he did some painting with the kids and gave Elliot some expert tips. I’m really anxious to see if either of these two will get the art gene from their daddy.

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October 12

We’re keeping track of the weather this week and marking down the temperature at three different times each day. Thanks to my iPhone, that info is super easy to get!

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We’re digging deeper into weather this week and today we learned how rainbows are formed in the sky. One of our books recommended using a CD with light reflected off of it to create your own rainbow. We found the perfect spot where the sunlight was coming in just right.

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What Will the Weather Be?

In our book, A Pair of Red Clogs, the main Character, Mako, and her friends play a game they call “the weather-telling game”. To play this game, they kick their clogs off their feet and see how they fall to predict tomorrow’s weather. If a clog falls to the ground right-side up, tomorrow will be a fine day. If the clog lands on the ground on its side, that means it will snow. And if it falls face-down onto the ground, that means it will rain. This afternoon, Elliot decided he wanted to go out and play the weather-telling game with his flip-flops. This is something he came up with all on his own. It hadn’t even occurred to me to do an activity like this. I love how “Five in a Row” inspires so many fun ideas, not just for the “teacher” but for the student too!

So, what will the weather be? According to our weather-telling game, it looks like tomorrow will be a fine day, along with several days after that. It took him about ten tries to get it to finally land face down for rain. He really tried, but alas, no side-ways landing, so I guess there won’t be snow anytime in the near future.

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Life in Japan

This is my attempt at making a kimono from our playsilks for Elliot.

We set up a table that was low to the floor so we could eat on cushions like they do in Japan.

We even ate with chopsticks like they do in Japan (although we had a very American lunch!)

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Welcome to Elliot’s Shoe Store

Elliot is learning how to count money, so today we made our very own shoe store, just like the store with clogs (japanese shoes) in our book! We had so much fun taking turns being the customer and the cashier!

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Completed Five in a Row projects on Japan

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A Pair of Red Clogs

Here we go again! I love how it feels like we get a bit of a fresh start every two weeks when we start a new book and a brand new collection of units we’re studying! This week we are beginning A Pair of Red Clogs, by Masako Matsuno. We are going to be learning about Japan and weather. We’ll also be exploring the value of honesty.

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