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Final project for Another Celebrated Dancing Bear

We are finishing up Another Celebrated Dancing Bear this week. I am actually a little sad to be moving on because I have enjoyed this book so much and we’ve both learned so much! I came up with last minute project idea that we did this afternoon. While studying Russia, we learned about Faberge eggs, which are very expensive jeweled eggs that were made for the czars. I thought it might be fun to let Elliot create his own. I got a wooden egg and some craft “jewels” at Hobby Lobby. He had so much fun! It also got him interested in the names of gemstones, so I looked those up and we talked about that as well. By the end of the project he was referring to many of the jewels, like rubies, emeralds, and diamonds by name. It’s so fun when we learn something I had not planned on teaching (never would have occurred to me). I’m discovering that’s a big part of homeschooling….if you just follow the interest of your child, they will end up learning so much!

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Just in case you were wondering about the meaning of the word samovar, as I mentioned in my last entry, is one of Elliot’s vocabulary words, the definition of samovar is: “A metal urn with an internal heating tube, used in Russia for making tea”. I had never heard the word before we read the book, so I am definitely learning a lot throughout along this journey too.

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Language Arts for “Another Celebrated Dancing Bear”

There are quite a few new vocabulary words that can be taught from “Another Celebrated Dancing Bear”. Elliot is always curious to find out the meaning of new words he’s not heard before, so from the very first time we read the book, he was asking me to define a lot of them. I made a little game to help us remember the meaning of all the words. I can now confidently say that Elliot knows the meaning of the following words: czar, glum, magnificent, audience, jealous, samovar (do YOU know what that is?), pyramid, comical, embraced, and elegant.

First we reviewed them and matched each word with its definition.

Then we set it up as a memory game. Elliot loved this so much that we had to play four times! I never realized this would be such an effective way of teaching new vocabulary.

And as usual, we discussed some of the elements of our story and he narrated in his own words what happened in the story while I dictated it.

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More on Russia

One of our library books showed all of the letters in the Cyrillic alphabet, so I had Elliot attempt to write them. He did a pretty good job! Apparently his writing skills expand beyond just English!

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Zoo Trip

We enjoyed a beautiful day at the zoo this weekend. We had a great time seeing all the different animals. We were also pleased to have found a couple different types of bears!

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Elliot enjoyed dancing to “Kalinka”, a Russian song.

Elliot enjoyed dancing to “Kalinka”, a Russian song.

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Matryoshka Dolls

Tonight we painted a set of matryoshka dolls to go along with our Russia theme. And, naturally, they were bears to go along with our bear theme! We enjoyed it! I think Elliot will be playing with these a lot and I’ll probably be picking up a million bear halves all over my house for a while. I just can’t get over how much fun we’re having and how much we’re learning with this book!

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October 21

Some fun projects we’ve been working on this week:

You can tell he’s concentrating really hard when he sticks his tongue out like this. His daddy does this too. It’s genetic.

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October 19

We read Another Celebrated Dancing Bear for the first time today and loved it! Such a sweet story of two good friends! I think this might just be our favorite one yet, although they have all been wonderful! There was so much to learn about Russia just from reading the story. We learned about several different cities in Russia, about czars, that dancing is very important to them, and that they enjoy tea! Then we learned so much more about Russia from some of our other library books. I think I learned as much as Elliot did. It was a great day!

Cutting out his map of Russia

Writing what each color of the Russian flag symbolizes

Cutting out the flag

Our first finished project on Russia

Though we finished our weather unit last week, we enjoyed keeping track of the weather so much that we decided we would continue it as a part of our daily routine. I figure it will be good for him to practice writing in the days of the week as well. I made a new weather chart (well, actually, my husband made it for me.) and laminated it so we can use dry-erase markers on it so we can use it day after day. I glued magnets to the back of it (I just discovered that my back door is magnetic, who knew!) so that we can take it off easily if we need to. Oh what fun it is to find creative ways to turn your kitchen into a classroom!

Here is Elliot completing his “weather report”, as he likes to call it. He’s so pleased that when Daddy gets home from work, he will know what kind of weather we’ve had at our house!

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Another Celebrated Dancing Bear

It’s time for a new book! This week we’re beginning Another Celebrated Dancing Bear by Gladys Scheffrin-Falk. We’ll be focusing specifically on Russia along with Matryoshka dolls, and bears.

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