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Au Revoir to The Glorious Flight

To end our journey with The Glorious Flight, Josh took the kids to the Fort Worth Vintage Flying Museum on Saturday. They got to see some cool planes up close, which was neat.

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Language Arts (and a bit of Math) for The Glorious Flight

The Glorious Flight contains a few good examples of onomatopoeia, so it was a great opportunity to learn about that.

Setting, Characters, Point of View, Plot. He’s really got this stuff down now.

Louis Bleriot’s airplanes were named with Roman Numerals, so we learned how to count up to twelve using them.

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Our Flight Timeline

Today we read a book I recently bought that illustrates the timeline of flight, which gave me the idea of creating our own timeline to help Elliot visualize the order that the flights of all the people we’ve been reading about happened. Turned out to be really helpful because before this he couldn’t really understand what happened when, but now he can tell you the order in which some of the big flights happened.

He thought it was necessary that we include the sinking of the Titanic in our timeline. He just can’t imagine mentioning Harriet Quimby without also mentioning how tragic it was that the Titanic sank on that same day!

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A Success with the Five in a Row Cookbook!

Today we tried out our Five in a Row Cookbook for the first time! We made French bread, since our current story begins in France. I had no idea it was so simple to do. The kids were both able to help prepare it. Then of course, we got to enjoy some, imagining that we had just bought a fresh loaf from a bakery in France.

They were both so excited about helping, I couldn’t keep them away from creeping closer and closer to the bowl.

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Social Studies for The Glorious Flight

We did our first reading of The Glorious Flight this morning and we loved it! Afterward, we read some other library books about the Wright brothers and then we read a great book, Brave Harriet, about Harriet Quimby, who also flew over the English Channel a few years after Louis Bleriot. In the story it mentioned how the news of her being the first woman to fly over the English Channel never really got put in the papers because it just happened to be on the same day that the Titanic sank. I had no idea we’d get so sidetracked by this little detail. Elliot wanted to know everything there is to know about the Titanic. We found some good info online, photos and videos. He’s been asking questions non-stop for a couple of hours now, so I decided to request some books at the library about it. It sounds strange, but I love getting sidetracked like this because of an interest Elliot develops! He loves to learn and I love it when something new fascinates him.

Despite getting sidetracked this morning, we still managed to get a few little projects done for The Glorious Flight.

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The Glorious Flight

This week we’re beginning The Glorious Flight : Across the Channel with Louis Bleriot by Alice and Martin Provensen. Elliot is so excited about this one! We’ll be learning a lot about airplanes and flight and reading about others who were famous for flying, such as the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart, and Harriet Quimby (also flew over the English Channel). We’ll also learn a bit more about France as well as England and the English Channel. We will also touch on Roman Numerals a bit, since they are used in the book on the names of Louis’ airplanes.

We placed Louis right on the English Channel, right above our Madeline disk on France.

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