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Today we talked about quilting. We read the book The Patchwork Quilt and then we were able to enjoy a lunch in our backyard on our picnic quilt! This afternoon we made “quilts” from paper scraps.

munching on their sauteed veggies

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Language Arts for The Rag Coat

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Science for The Rag Coat

Today we did our science portion of Five in a Row for The Rag Coat. I was especially excited because a friend of mine who lives in Pennsylvania and heats her house with coal contacted me and asked if we’d like her to send us some when she saw we’d be learning about it. I had been wondering how I could get my hands on some coal, for a hands-on experience, so this was a wonderful blessing to us! Thanks so much, Kari!

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Social Studies for The Rag Coat

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Log Cabins

Today we learned about life in log cabins, specifically those in Appalachia. The Book Pioneer Children of Appalachia was a really interesting read. It was definitely a reminder of how easy we have it with things like grocery stores and washing machines!

We enjoyed building our own log cabins with Lincoln Logs.

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The Rag Coat

This week we’re beginning The Rag Coat by Lauren A. Mills. I am really excited about this book since I just read it myself for the first time last week and it’s a really sweet story! It involves some pretty heavy topics, such as the death of a parent, but Elliot has never been the type to be too bothered by that kind of thing so I’m not at all worried. It will be a nice change from the last story we read, which was a very light read. I think he will be really fascinated by the story!

While we read it, we’ll learn all about life in Appalachia, coal and other rocks and minerals, and quilting.

We squeezed our story disk onto the Appalachian Mountains. It’s getting REALLY crowded on the map and we still have a few more to add to the United States before the end of the year.

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