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“So do not fear, for I am with you; Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I

“So do not fear, for I am with you; Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

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Bible for Very Last First Time

We’re wrapping up Very Last First Time this week and today we did our Bible lesson from our FIAR Bible Study Supplement. We focused on fear and what the Bible has to say about it. As soon as I mentioned Isaiah 41:10, Elliot got a huge grin on his face and started singing “Do not fear , for I am with you!” It’s on of our favorite songs from our Seeds of Courage CD. (By the way, I highly recommend the entire Seeds collection. It’s all scripture put to music that is done really well. Even I really enjoy listening to them.) We decided it’s our theme song for the day.

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Here’s Elliot fishing for “mussels” at the bottom of the sea. HeR

Here’s Elliot fishing for “mussels” at the bottom of the sea. He’ll be taking home quite a feast for his family tonight.

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More FUN with Very Last First Time!

Today was one of those amazing days where I am just so incredibly happy and excited about homeschooling. We had so much fun! First we imagined we lived in northern Canada and were going fishing for mussels just like in our book. I used Easter eggs as our mussels and put them in various places in the backyard and then I let the kids have at it. I encouraged them to use their tools to collect up their “mussels”.

This is to give you an idea of what we were imitating. In our book, Eva and her mother go out fishing for mussels underneath the ice.

I made a sled for both of the kids, each with a mussel pan and some tools to use for the work ahead of them.

Ready, set, go! Go get your mussels to take back home for dinner!

She was pretty clueless about what we were pretending, but she sure was glad she was involved.

It’s hard work fishing for mussels.

They were so proud of their accomplishment.

Next we did a little activity that would help us see how Eva was able to cut a hole in the ice and go underneath it and down onto the seabed to get the mussels when the tide was out.

First we had to collect up some rocks in a bowl and cover them with water.

Next we covered our bowl with the top layer of “ice” (plastic wrap).

Then we tilted our bowl up on one side so the tide would go out and we were able to lower our girl down onto some dry rocks where she could fish for mussels. We did a lot of experimenting with bringing the tide back in and discussing how in that case, Eva would not have been safe, nor would she have been able to find the mussels under all that water!

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Here’s Elliot acting out his vocabulary words from Very Last First Time.

Here’s Elliot acting out his vocabulary words from Very Last First Time.

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Language Arts for Very Last First Time

We had a great language arts day today. We talked about titles and the meaning behind the title Very Last First Time. We did our usual elements of a story, and we had fun acting out some new vocabulary from the story.

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Science for Very Last First Time

Today we learned about the tide, tidal pools, and animals that are found in a tidal pool. We did some searching on the computer for some photos of mussels and found a bunch. We both concluded that they are not something either one of us in interested in eating! This led to a great conversation about how different cultures of people find different things appetizing.

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Social Studies for Very Last First Time

Today we did some reading about Canada and Inuit people who live in the “Great White North”. This is quite a fascinating topic for both of us and luckily we have plenty of books to satisfy our curiosity.

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Very Last First Time

This week we’re beginning Very Last First Time by Jan Andrews. We’ll be focusing on so many topics such as Canada, the arctic, Inuit people, tidal pools, and mollusks.

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