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Bible for Storm in the Night

We did our last reading of Storm in the Night today! For our Bible lesson, we talked once again about fear and what the Bible says about it. We also read Mark 4:35-40, about the big storm that came while the disciples were on the boat, even though Jesus, the Son of God, was on there with them! We talked about how Jesus is with us too and how we can rest in that when we are scared.

So, that’s it! We’re done with Five in a Row for the year! We’ve got a big notebook full of fun projects we’ve done with these incredible books and we can’t wait to start up again with Volume two next year! Thanks so much for following our journey!

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“Oh no, You never let go…”

Oh no, You never let go, through the calm and through the storm….

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Language Arts for Storm in the Night

We completed our FIAR language arts day today. We had a few vocabulary words to learn today and we discussed the examples of onomatopoeia in the story. Elliot is very familiar with it by now, being that many of our stories have had it. We also talked about the use of simile. The story has several good examples and then we also came up with a bunch of our own. Elliot was cracking himself up as he came up with things like, “Mommy is as big as a tuba.” (Hmm, ok. Not sure what to think of that, but I’ll take it as a compliment.) He also came up with, “Daddy is as big as a giant. Elliot is as sweet as a candy wrapper. Caroline is as cute as a doll.”

We had a little snack of mandarin oranges today because mandarin (as in the color) was one of our vocabulary words.

Onomatopoeia and Simile

Elements of a story……our last time for Kindergarten! By the way, this is not something that is in the manual for each story. It is occasionally suggested for discussion for some stories, but I decided from the beginning that we would take the opportunity to discuss it each time so that he would become really familiar with the terms. It has gotten to the point where, in the last few stories, he’ll tell me what they are after our first reading, before we even get to our language arts day.

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Our current book, Storm in the Night, was definitely timed perfectly, as we’ve been able to experience plenty of storms lately. We’ve been able to observe lots of nimbus clouds that come before these big storms.

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Science for Storm in the Night

We did a lot of reading about storms today. In multiple books, they mentioned how before people knew what caused the thunder and lightning, people blamed it on angry gods. Elliot was really interested in why they would have thought that, so it led to a lot of good discussion about how people can make some silly assumptions when they don’t understand things, and how we know that our [one true] God has a purpose for all the things He does, even when they don’t seem good to us.

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Storm in the Night

We’ve made it to our final Five in a Row book of Kindergarten year, Storm in the Night, by Mary StoIz. I can hardly believe that this is already our sixteenth book! I remember planning out these books last summer and looking at these last few as if it would be forever until we’d read them and now here we are at the very end!

What a perfect book to be currently reading, as we’ve been experiencing plenty of real storms in the night! We’ll of course be learning all about weather, clouds, and storms, as well as discussing other topics such as fear and relationships. For language arts we’ll be learning about dialog, quotation marks, similes, and adding a few new vocabulary words to our repertoire.

Again, no specific setting in this book, so we looked up what are some of the stormiest places in the U.S. and decided to place our disk on Florida.

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