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More of Week One

We learned some new signs. This is “Dad”.

This is “Mom”.

We also learned colors. I think this was blue. A bit hard to tell!

Setting up a math game


I just really like this picture. Caroline was helping me make the smoothie and I was at the fridge getting more stuff and Elliot snapped this of her.

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American Sign Language

One of the things I’m adding to our school routine next year is ASL. Being that Deaf Education is what I studied in college and I know quite a bit of it, I’ve always wanted to teach some to the kids but I’ve done a pretty lousy job of actually doing it. All these years later, I still find myself signing and fingerspelling to myself when I’m deep in thought and the kids have noticed it occasionally, so they know what it is, I just haven’t taken the time to teach them much. I plan on changing that this year. With the letter of each week for Caroline’s preschool, we’ll be learning the sign language letter along with a few words that start with that letter. We may expand it to even more words if they really take to it. I’m really excited to share something that is special to me with them!

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Log Cabins

Today we learned about life in log cabins, specifically those in Appalachia. The Book Pioneer Children of Appalachia was a really interesting read. It was definitely a reminder of how easy we have it with things like grocery stores and washing machines!

We enjoyed building our own log cabins with Lincoln Logs.

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